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Willingness to try



Like what you see?

view my portfolio. Then, let my lens tell your story.


To share the joy that comes from allowing your imagination to have it's way.


Everyone can enjoy painting once they stop comparing and allow themselves to have fun.

About Hope Wirta

Five years ago Hope decided to pick up a paint brush, and try her hand at acrylic paint. With a high stress job, grown children and grandchildren she was looking for a way to relax and find joy in her time alone. What she found was pure joy in color! Now with practice, exploration, sharing through teaching others "Art of Hope Studios" has taken on a life of it's own.  Hope now holds paint events on a regular basis, takes orders for commissioned works and continues to find ways to share what she found with other's. She hopes through this website to share that joy with you. 

art of hope studios and Easel Street Paint Events


Never be afraid to put some paint on your canvas. Your most amazing art happens after a million doodles.